Tips for Safe and Healthy While Plane

Each person would crave for what is called a holiday , The holiday will be able to overcome any fatigue and also the mind at work. Usually the way that is often used by people to spend time travelling to his summer holiday with a pleasant tourist spot that is outside the city or even […]

Defnition And Benefit Of Life Insurance

Life is something that is least predictable. Maybe now your life is fine, but you’ll never know what will happen to you in the future, in fact, you’ll never know what you will experience in the next minute. If a crystal ball to predict the future is really there, you do not have to worry […]

Five Ways To Become Qualified for Flight Attendants

Five Ways To Become Qualified for Flight attendants Being a flight attendant will surely get various advantages, such as can walk free, travelling the world, staying in the five-star hotel, learn about the culture of other countries, and so forth. For those of you who want to try to list a flight attendant, you should […]

Paragliding Sport The Wind Horse

Rolled from the hillside and raced to free space. Like a bird circling eagle, chasing thermal. And thousands of meters high and hundreds of kilometers is affordable. And it just flew by utilizing the wind. This paragliding, an easy way for those who dream of flying free. Aerospace paragliding is a sport who is very […]

The Way Of Plane To Fly

Aircraft heavier than air was first flown by the Wright Brothers (Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright) using its own aircraft design called the Flyer, which was launched in 1903 in the United States. In addition to the Wright brothers, there were several other aircraft inventors who invented airplanes include Samuel F. Cody, who performs the […]

Parachute History

In the 15th century, Leonardo da vinci, makers of the legendary Mona Lisa, ever sketch depicting the equipment to do skydiving. But like many of the concepts that have made, the design concept of parachuting equipment that had never come true realization. Suspected parachute is designed as a safety tool during a disaster, such as [...]

The Helicopter History

Since immemorial time, humans had the desire to fly vertically (upward). The discovery began with a helicopter toy from China that called "Chinese tops" around the year 400 BC. In 1480, Italian artist named Leonardo da vinci created a design similar to the iron bird with engine drive like a propeller called "aerial screw" or "air gyroscope." Although [...]